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Ever Since China has its open door policy in 80s, millions of foreigners have been running to this emerging market hastily with urge to build up their business empires/ career here as it’s such a big market.


China is a country with such long history with its own style of doing businesses. so there’re a few books appeared then to guide all novices about China culture, habits, rules… all those books like Guide to do business in China,  Doing business in China are almost like bible to foreigners.


hmm, frankly found all those inspiring vital business titles should be third book that foreigners read before entering China. The second book they should read is about "Relationship"/ networking/ Guanxi. Guanxi is totally from putonghua pinyin. Networking is an obligatory thing you need to have if you want to have a successful career in China. Or I’d rather say, everywhere.


The first book all those foreigners should read is yet published. I am going to write it soon.   It’s going to be "惡". well, I hope the new word "e" (not e-commerce or internet stuff) will be popular soon too because of the book that I wrote. heee…


This 惡 book covers business as well as daily life trivial matters. This book presents basic skills that you need to master for surviving well in China. 惡 is not about fierece, rude or impolite things. Honestly I don’t know if there’s any right English word for it. It’s all about how you can be strong and stand firm for things that you deserve. After learning this indispensable life skill, you can get your things done easily and quickly. you can have speed service for your paid breakfast at KFC; you can get a technician come to fix your heater fast and free; you can rent a good apartment at good price.


well, come to think of it, the book is not really for gweilo. As most chinese respect gweilo. Gweilo can get things better than they expected easily in China too. hmm… I guess this books’ target audience should be for people whose appearance like me, asians, even for chinese in China.


Yes, it’s going to be great book. #1 bestseller at amazon.com in Asia!!!


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  1. joon yie
    Posted 六月 5, 2006 at 3:57 下午 | Permalink

    😦  JOYCE I can\’t read 5555


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